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I was reading a blog here about the theme of moms who have sex with their sons. I thought it was kinky if the stories are true. I don’t know if they are. Anyway, I know I would not be able to handle such a situation. If I had a son now, by the time he turned fifteen and his hormones started to…

All of my stories and captions are fantasy, but I hear from people all the time that either have had incest before and loved it or fantasize about other family members often.
I cannot recall ever receiving a message from someone that had incest and regretted it, but plenty that felt they had a good opportunity at one time but did not capitalize on it.

I thought for sure that I’d receive plenty of messages with dissenting views or, “That’s so disgusting! How dare you make a blog that makes incest seem pleasant or desirable! You should be ashamed of yourself!”


The troll messages I get are, “Do u like mah dick? Hear iz a pik of it!” or “I wanna fuck you at ur stove!” or “Snd me ur nked pics plz”

See! Nothing at all like I expected! Luckily, the vast majority of messages I get are very nice, and lately, most have been thanking me for my stories which give me warm fuzzy feelings inside.

For those that still haven’t read my incest erotica, check out the Story List —->

(Or here: http://pookiesfamily.tumblr.com/list-of-pookie-originals )

I don’t see consensual incest as bad at all (rape, molestation, and abuse are always bad no matter who is involved), and I’m glad to know there is such a strong and mostly civil fan base out there supporting it!

Keep up the good work family!


PS: I’m all for public nudity too, by the way! ;)

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  3. mississippi-nudist said: Remember though that many girls, especially in my part of the country, have kids at 15 or 16, so they’d be closer to 30-32 when their sons reach an age where sex with them is a real possibility. I’ll bet it isn’t as uncommon as many people believe.
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