Pookie's Family


Here are two more pics that my son took at the picnic since I’m in such a great mood.

First, I was with my nephew again. Left some hot clothes in the car, so I don’t get stripped naked by horny teen eyes at work. I parked in the street in front of the building I was supposed to meet him at, and had to change in the car. I think some guy saw me in underwear before I took it off from other side of street, but luckily no one else passed. I wore a mini skirt and tight white blouse with nothing under that, and high heeled ankle boots that went well with skirt. Once inside, I found the apartment, after getting out on wrong floor, and I can say my nephew loved seeing his aunty so sexy. Started kissing me at the door, and surprised him when he slid his hand under my skirt and found only smooth skin. Barely made it to living room couch where I stradled him and had a short and fast quickie. He was so horny he came before I did, but his cum felt good inside me. He was very kind to finger me to orgasm while making out.

After that, we kissed and cuddled, and I was stroking his soft dick, and then I went down on him. He was hard very fast, and I told him to show me where the bed is. Got rid of blouse and skirt there, but left shoes on. Guys really have a thing for heels in bed. Laid on my back, pulled him on me, and kissed him while he slowly started fucking me in missionary. That lasted for a long time, just slow and lazy fucking. After a while, he turned me face down, and started fucking me from behind, faster and harder until I had orgasm again. He asked if he could fuck me in the ass, but I’m not really into that. So I told him that I’d let him if he could make me cum again. 20 minutes later with my legs on his shoulders I had my third orgasm and he pulled out and I had to let him do it. Luckily, he knows I’m not very fond of it, so he took it slow and gentle and fingered me all the while until I felt his cum deep inside me. After that came the time to clean up and go home. I didn’t change back to boring work clothes, which brings me to second happy moment of the day.

When I walked in the house, my son asked if that’s what I wore to work, to which I said no, that I changed for the date after work, to which he replied “Ok. Wish my teachers dressed like that.” I asked if he wanted his teachers to look so whorish, but he said that he wish they were so sexy. I blushed a little. I sat down with him in living room, talked about his day, and mine (minus sex with his cousin), and got him to rub my neck and shoulders, still wearing same clothes, only took off boots. Thank god for quick shower before I left that place. I sat on couch between his legs and pulled my blouse down from shoulders. I wasn’t topless, but wasn’t far. He was rubbing my neck and shoulders, and I felt so relaxed in post orgasmic bliss. There was some movie on TV, I wasn’t paying attention, and couldn’t really in my state. He was watching it, and when he was done with my rub, I just flopped on the side. He wanted to get up to leave some room for me, but I made him stay and cuddle me for a bit. Ended up spooning for about 15 minutes. I was getting so wet again, knowing my bare ass was next to his crotch! But I couldn’t feel if he had a hard on or not. Then the stupid phone rang and he had to get up, and he went out.

Time to get a proper shower.

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