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true story with my step daughter

camping weekend with 2 step daughters  and there  mum at a cabin no power no lights and a hand pump to fill a water tank above the shower . as a family we have all seen each other naked and its no big deal the girls have seen the mum and i making love and again no big deal . so on the camping weekend the eldest step daughter was in the shower and yelled the water is running out . the mum asked me to go in and pump more water for her . as i was turning the handle i looked at her soaping her self up and started to get a hard on . she started to wash her pussy and in the end was masturbating in front of me so i slid my pants down and was stroking my cock at the same time . the mum yelled for her to stop wasting water and get out just as we came at the same time . she got out and gave the the sweetest smile .the youngest daughter came in for her shower and i thought here we go again . they are aged 18 and 20 i love them so much and they treat me like there own dad . i would never touch them in anyway .  but they drive me crazy with lust . hope you liked this story as i have a few more . like when the youngest daughter comes  to my bed at night while her mum is working for a cuddle

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