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My mom’s in her late thirties, but damn, does she still have one tight hot bod!

My mom’s in her late thirties, but damn, does she still have one tight hot bod!

My sister makes any view better!

My sister makes any view better!

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"Daddy! I’ve been waiting all day for this!"

"Daddy! I’ve been waiting all day for this!"

"This hair of mine, I swear!"

"This hair of mine, I swear!"

"Why don’t you get a closer look then?"

"Why don’t you get a closer look then?"

Busy Hands (A Pookie Original!)

Busy Hands

I hate being stuck in a car with absolutely nothing to do. We were still a good two hours away from grandma and grampa’s farm way out in rural Kansas. I was in the front passenger seat while my sister Katie was in the back seat listening to something on her phone with earbuds. Mom was driving our old Lincoln Continental that she inherited from her aunt a number of years ago when the old gal passed on. I’m sure it was a nice vehicle back in the 90’s, but now with a non-working radio and a barely-functional AC, this long hot summer drive to our grandparent’s place for a vacation on their farm was a miserable experience.

My phone was trying to charge while hooked up to the cigarette adapter since I’d played games on it until the battery ran dry and the cable wasn’t long enough for me to play while it was charging.

“Oh great,” my sister grumbled sarcastically from the back seat as she pulled her earbuds out. “Now my phone is dead—just when it was at a good part too! Why does it have to be so fucking hot?”

My sister cursed around my mom and me all the time. My mom was a total hippie liberal yet with libertarian “everyone should be free to do whatever the fuck they want” sensibilities. It was a strange dichotomy to be sure, but that was what I was used to.

“Can you feel the air back there hon?” my mom asked as she glanced up to the rearview mirror.

“Not much” was her response.

“Mitch, can you adjust the vents for your sister? Thanks.”

I nodded and tried playing around with them, but it didn’t seem to help much.

“And wouldn’t you know it?” My sister groused. “The battery cut out right in the middle of an awesome sex scene. I’m hot and now I’m fucking horny as hell too.”

“What were you listening to?” I asked, curious about the sexy content my sister was referring to.

“An audiobook called The Ribald Adventures of Molly, Wench of the Seven Seas.”

“Rippled? How can someone have a rippled adventure?” I asked.

“Not rippled dummy, ribald. It looks like it should be pronounced rye-bald, but the narrator says it more like ribbled.”

“Ribald means sexy, but in a dirty, raunchy, funny way,” mom added.

“That makes sense,” Katie agreed. “Molly was just about to get plowed by the captain after recently blowing the first mate.”

“Plowed, huh?” I chuckled and glanced back at her.

“Yeah, they say plow a lot when they really mean fuck,” she smiled back at me.

“Sounds fun! Is the book all about sex on the ocean?” I gave her a wry grin.

“Pretty much, and lots of good descriptions of the scenes too! Molly pretty much has all the men on this boat to herself, and she’s certainly taking advantage of it! Look how wet I am!”

Katie lifted up the short summer dress she was wearing and spread her legs, showing me her glistening shaved pussy and I immediately started to get hard. She never wore panties under her skirts and dresses and she loved proving that to me at almost every opportunity.

“Wow, you’re not kidding,” I commented.

“It is so fucking hot!” Katie grumbled while using her dress to try to fan her overheated pussy.

“I tried adjusting the vents, but they won’t point up very high,” I said. “They’re mostly just blowing down at my legs.”

Katie groaned with sweaty discomfort as she looked out at the flat landscape and fields as far as the eye could see. We were traveling on a long straight 2-lane road and then we’d turn onto another long straight 2-lane road, and then hit repeat. Our grandparent’s farm was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.

“My dress is soaked with sweat!” Katie complained. “Can we at least roll down the windows?”

“Katie,” mom reminded her, “we went over this. It’s almost 100° outside which is still way hotter than it is in here with the air on as high as it can go.”

“Can I take my dress off then?” Katie asked.

“If that’s what you want hon. We’re still more than an hour away from the farm.” Mom replied without ever taking her eyes off the road.

The back window and rear windows were tinted and even if someone was right beside the vehicle, they couldn’t see into the back seat.

Katie looked around again. There wasn’t another vehicle on the road to be seen anywhere.

She unhooked her seat belt and quickly lifted up off the seat and wriggled out of her short summer dress by pulling it up and over her. That was all she wore on the drive. Our luggage was in the trunk. Having left her flip-flops on the floor, my sister was now entirely naked in the back seat. No bra, no underwear, no nothing. She didn’t have very big tits, so she usually could get away without wearing a bra.

She used her dress, now bunched up in one hand, to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

“Well, that’s a little better at least,” Katie sighed.

“You’re not going to be able to be naked all the time at the farm like you’re used to, so you’d best get it out of your system now,” reminded mom.

“Well I can’t, I’m in the front seat.” I said, feeling slightly jealous.

“Hey, at least you have air,” Katie scoffed.

“True, but you get to be naked and have the whole backseat to yourself,” I replied.

“Well, I’m going to make the most of it then!”

Katie proceeded to stretch out and lie down in the back seat, using a little travel pillow that she’d brought to rest her head on.

“I bet Kansas has a seat belt law,” I smirked.

“Well then mom will tell me if she sees a cop anywhere, won’t you mom?”

“Hell, I could tell you if I see another car period and that would be like every ten to fifteen minutes as is,” said mom, “besides, I’m going exactly the speed limit.”

I looked in the back seat and saw my sister lying down with her eyes closed and her legs spread apart as wide as the seat would allow. She was rubbing her clit slowly and methodically.

“Well great, now she gets to jill off in the back seat while I have a boner and nothing I can do about it,” I mumbled loud enough for them both to hear.

“Then don’t watch,” Katie moaned impatiently, never opening her eyes as she continued to rub her pussy.

“How can I not? You’re the most entertaining sight for a hundred miles,” I sighed noisily.

Well jerk it off then,” mom said tired of hearing us complain. “Just don’t get any cum on the car.”

“While sitting up? I don’t even think that’s possible,” I groused.

“Your seat reclines you know,” said mom, completely focused on the road otherwise.

“Oh yeah!”

I reached down and found the seat lever on the side of it and pulled, making the seat easily lie almost flat and push against my sister’s left leg.

“Hey!” My sister whined as my seat invaded her personal space. “Now I can’t spread my legs apart! What gives?”

“Well here,” I said surveying the situation, “bend your knee and rest your foot here on the side of my seat.” I patted the now exposed side of my seat that I pictured her foot fitting up against easily.

She scooted down the seat some and angled her lower half a little to make it work.

“Oh hey, I can actually feel the air better like this. Good idea bro!”

She was right. Before the air was only blowing as high as my lap, but now with the seat fully reclined, the air traveled over my body and into the back seat more easily. Also, the way we were positioned, my head was less than a foot away from her fully spread and juicy pussy and I could easily touch it if I wanted to.

“Yeah, and I get a nice view of the action this way. Win-win!” I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“You know, you could touch it if you wanted to,” my sister said coyly, “I wouldn’t mind.”

“Are you asking me to help you get off?” I grinned.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind that either,” she grinned salaciously.

I sighed in mock exasperation, “If I must, I must…”

I rolled over on to my left side as much as my seat belt would allow. I then propped up my head with my left arm, leaving my right arm free to use. I started by rubbing her left leg which was the closest to me, pushed up against the side of my seat. Her leg was hot and sweaty to the touch.

“Oooh, I like that,” Katie said, “your hands feel nice and cool.”

“I see a vehicle coming,” mom interrupted us, “cover up just in case.”

Katie quickly pulled her wadded up dress out from under her head and covered her pussy with it.

“It’s an old pickup truck,” mom said as it got closer. “Here, this might give you more privacy.”

She reached over and pulled down the passenger side sun visor and moved it so it blocked as much of the front windshield as it could and quickly surveyed her work as the truck passed by in the other lane.

“Yeah,” mom nodded, “any vehicle taller than ours will have a tough time seeing into the back seat, especially zooming past at 55 miles per hour.”

“Ah,” I responded, “and any the same height or shorter won’t be able to see anything this low. Good idea mom!”

“Carry on then,” she said. “I bet there aren’t too many moms out there that are willing to let their kids fool around like this, so you two better be appreciative!”

“Hey, it’s better than us fighting, right Katie?”

“Yeah, maybe that’s why other siblings don’t get along so well,” Katie dangled.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“They have all this sexual frustration pent up and don’t know how to release it. Now, where were you?”

I smiled and went back to touching her leg as she returned her dress back under her head.

The further I moved my hand up her leg, the juicier it got, until I got to her inner thigh which was covered with her slippery juices.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about being wet,” I marveled.

“Oh my god, I feel like I’ve been like this for hours—at least since we turned off the interstate. Don’t make me wait any longer Mitch; I’m so fucking horny!”

“Okay, okay,” I grinned. 

I got the area between my thumb and forefinger really wet on her bountiful juices and slowly began to rub her easily exposed clit with my thumb. Her legs were bent and spread far enough apart, that only her clitoral hood covered it. She immediately began to shiver when I started rubbing it. My cock throbbed, pressing up against my shorts as I felt juices start to slowly leak out of it. With only one hand free to touch Katie’s pussy, I just had to endure.

Katie moaned with appreciation as I continued to rub circles around her clit with my thumb. She really liked it when I would lightly roll her clit between my thumb and forefinger, like I was giving it a miniature massage. I would occasionally dive my thumb deep into her wet pussy to get it all lubed up again with her juices before returning to her clit.

“Oooh, I’m getting close Mitch, I can tell, keep doing that,” she purred.

“You like me rubbing your pussy here in the car?” I said sexily. Katie loved it when I talked while we fooled around.

“Oh yeah,” Katie panted.

“Does it turn you on thinking that someone might be able to see us?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Katie licked her lips and continued to breathe heavily as I increased my pressure on her clit with my thumb.

“What if we get in trouble?” I asked. The idea of getting caught in public was one of Katie’s biggest turn-ons.

“Trouble,” Katie panted and echoed.

“Oh and you’d get me in trouble too, for making me rub your pussy. Making your brother rub your pussy like this. That’s so naughty!” I teased sexily, having fun with it, knowing how much it turned her on. Her getting so turned on was having a reciprocal effect on me as well. My cock felt like it could rip out of my shorts much like the Kool-Aid man busting down a brick wall to deliver refreshments.

“Oh god yes, call me a bad girl,” she wheezed and kept throwing her head back against her wadded dress and the pillow.

“You’re such a bad girl; you’re going to get in so much trouble!” I said in mock seriousness as I continued to assault her clit with my fingers.

“Then they’re going to make me rub your pussy in front of everyone so everyone knows what a bad girl you really are,” I rubbed knowing that she was close by how she was breathing, and sure enough, right at the end of my sentence, she began to shudder and convulse with a huge orgasm as I continued to throttle her pussy with my fingers.

I didn’t say anything else; I just slowed my pace until I could tell that my sister was completely over the crest of her orgasm and began basking in the afterglow.

“Oh fuck, that was amazing,” Katie gasped once she had her breathing under control again. “Saying that everyone was going to watch you do it was a nice touch. I liked that…a lot.”

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep my mind on driving?” mom interjected. “Good lord, you two have me turned on now something fierce.”

I snorted, “Tell me about it.” The drippiness of my engorged cock was more than apparent by the big wet mark on my shorts.

“Okay Katie, you need to return the favor,” mom said noticing the active volcano in my shorts. “Your brother is about to explode.”

“Now how to I do that?” Katie said confused. “I can’t exactly reach his dick from back here.”

“I bet I can slide into the back seat with my seat all the way down like this.” I offered.

Mom looked over to judge for herself then nodded, “Alright but be super careful.”

I completely unhooked my seatbelt, which likely wasn’t being that much of a safety restraint with me lying down anyway, and deftly slid over the top of my seat and into the back seat next to my sister. I scooted around so that I was in a sitting position, and in the process, slid my shorts and underwear down to my ankles.

“Looks like you sort of lubed yourself up already too,” Katie remarked seeing how juicy my cock already was.

“Have at it. Oh, but here,” I said as I wiped the remaining residue of her slippery juices that were still on my hand off on a dry spot of my cock.

She started apprehensively at first with her right hand, but realized that she had more control and movement with her left hand, which was dry.

“You have enough juice for the both of us,” I mentioned.

Huh?” she said, not getting my point.

“Just reach your left hand down between your legs and get it all wet with your juices which you can then use to give me a handjob,” I said bluntly yet affectionately.

“Oh!” She did as I suggested and got her hand all nice and wet with her own natural lubricant and began stroking my shaft with it. Damn, it felt good!

“Oh yeah, that’s the ticket,” I hummed, enjoying the sensation of my sister’s hand going up and down on my cock. I altered my position on the seat somewhat to both make it more pleasurable for me and to give her easier access to my manhood.

I loved watching my sister intently staring at my cock as she deftly stroked up and down on it, as if she expected that it would erupt at any second without warning. She needed only return her hand one more time to her well of juices for replenishment before I could tell that I was close to coming.

“Oh, keep doing that,” I grunted, “I’m almost there.”

It felt so good and it was extra sexy because we’d never done anything like this in a car with our mom so close by.

“Oh, get ready, it’s going to be soon,” I gasped.

“Don’t get any on the car,” my mom reminded.

Oh shit! The tissues were still in the front seat and I was about to cum! I quickly looked around and there was nothing I could cum on or into.

“Quick, use your mouth,” I said, feeling the orgasm begin and I pulled Katie closer. Katie was a trooper and quickly put her mouth over my cock. She continued to stroke but not as aggressively, but still the fact that I knew I was going to be coming into my sister’s mouth more than made up for it. Sure, we fooled around a lot, but I had never actually fucked her or came in her mouth before, so this was a delightful new turn of events for me.

I began shooting load after load into her mouth and all she could do was swallow it, lest it leak out and get on mom’s car, which had been her only restriction.

Once she swallowed the last of it she said, “You forgot the tissues on purpose, just so I’d have to do that, didn’t you?”

“No, but I’m glad you did anyway. Was it that bad?”

“Eh, not as bad as I thought it might be. It’s kind of like warm runny egg whites but tastes different, you know?”

“I’ve never came in my own mouth, so I have no idea,” I smiled and both Katie and mom chuckled.

“Oh well. I think I have gum in my purse in any case.”

“Here,” mom said as she tossed a package of spearmint gum back at us.

“Thanks,” Katie said, taking a stick and popping it in her mouth.

“You’ll probably get used to the taste eventually,” mom assured my sister. “I know I did.”

“Nice one mom!” I chuckled and Katie snorted.

“So did you two get that out of your system or what?”

“Well, for now,” I replied giving a mischievous glance to my sister.

“I’ll remind you once again, that you two won’t be able to do stuff like that at your grandparents place.”

“Or we’d get caught?” my sister said, looking at me with a gleam in her eye.

“Yep,” mom replied.

“And get in trouble?” I replied, mimicking Katie’s expression back at her.

“Most definitely,” mom said, giving us a suspicious look in the rearview mirror.

Katie grinned from ear to ear at me and said, “Well, we’ll just have to keep that in mind then!”



On long road trips, my sister is able to keep herself entertained in the back seat…

On long road trips, my sister is able to keep herself entertained in the back seat…

"That’s silly daddy! I don’t even own a pair of underwear anymore!"

"That’s silly daddy! I don’t even own a pair of underwear anymore!"

Oh, there’s a reason why my sister has no tan lines…

Oh, there’s a reason why my sister has no tan lines…