Pookie's Family
"Great idea daddy!"

"Great idea daddy!"

My sister is so daring!

My sister is so daring!

"Really? Why, I’m flattered!"

"Really? Why, I’m flattered!"

"Keep me warm?"

"Keep me warm?"

"So dad, I have an idea…"

"So dad, I have an idea…"

Just last week I begged Louise to "Please please please finish your story for Pookie". Wonder if I actually had something to do with her submitting that amazing story. ;-) Hope Louise posts more of it, even if it's just an epilogue. :-)

That’s quite possible! Don’t underestimate the power of begging! ;)

"Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout daddy?"

"Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout daddy?"

hey pookie Red here, hows it going?? well I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction. i have a huge crush on my cousin. I'm talking wet, dreams, fantasizing, and all that delicious stuff, and I've notice her giving me looks and she even touches me and grabs me in front of her friends to "make them jealous" as she says. so I'm wondering how do i take it to the next level with her?? hope u can help---love Red

Take her out on a date, just the two of you. Tell her you want to confess something to her, but you’re not sure if you should because it’s a little embarrassing. (That should get her intrigued.)

Then reveal to her slowly your dreams and desires for her, but act like you don’t know what to do with these feelings since she’s your cousin and all. See how it plays out from there.

"Morning daddy!"

"Morning daddy!"

More Louisebstuff

Up till now I could never actually bring myself to write any more about our first time… Just never found the words to even start…

I don’t know why really… It is just all so intimate and personal that even just writing it, let alone thinking of people reading it… God it just feels as if I’m like full on panties down masturbating in a very public bus!  (And no to the anonymous asker… hot fantasy but I wouldn’t…mmm well ok I’m not sure…) Not to mention that I just didn’t know… God still don’t know if words alone will ever be able to capture the intensity… But I guess, now at least, the readers will get to be the judge of that…

Funny how, what we’ve done with each other since, kind of somehow makes it easier to write about our first time…

So anyway… for better or for worse… here it is.

Well… the start of it anyway!

Dad locked the door and closed the curtains before he knelt between my open legs and kissed his tongue into my mouth. Although we were alone in his house even still we spoke mostly in whispers…What we were doing just felt so incredibly dirty and forbidden…

 Although, right at that moment, I was ready, beyond belief, for him; For some reason… he decided, that he wasn’t going to fuck me straight away, instead wanting it to last for as long as possible, and as much as he needed a little break to stop himself from squirting right there,  and despite the fact that I wanted his cock inside me I could see the appeal of what he meant… there was after all, no need at all for us to rush what was about  to happen.

 I have to admit there was something perversely exiting about knowing that, right at that moment… we had, all the time in the world. We were on such a delicious journey now, and no one was going to disturb or stop us… Dad wanted it to last every bit as much as I did… and he really took his time with me.

Over the next eons… could even have been hours, there wasn’t a single part of my body he didn’t touch tease and explore.  And OMG his attention! Like the intense way he fixed his eyes on me!  He was just like so… totally into me! Way beyond creepy if I’d actually stopped to think about it for a second… But in fact it just felt so fucking hot! Like my every breath had his attention, and fuck! this sounds really weird but… that I knew it was because it was me… It just felt so totally hot perverse! And yet I felt the same about him, and I was letting him do it…  OMFG! That only made it even hotter!!!

It was like I was constantly holding a huge orgasm inside me, like I was right on the very edge of it, with and only thing he had to do was to press the release button…God it’s so hard to explain… Tease doesn’t even begin to describe it… I certainly couldn’t think straight… sometimes it was hard to even breath…

Mmmmm Just everything! The smell of him… the sound of his voice… the little involuntary moans he was making, it’s fair to say I have never seen a man so aroused… Or been so extremely aroused myself… Mmmm fuck!… even as I write about it! I ran my fingers along his cock or encircled my fingers around him every time he was within reach… pulling him to me… trying to entice him into ending the tease and just fucking me… Dad tried to stop me… asked me not to touch him… begged me not to but I just couldn’t stop myself… especially if I got my mouth anywhere near him… his cock was like a total magnet for my tongue… sometimes I just wanted to get it over with… make him cum deliberately so he would stop worrying about lasting and just push it all inside me!

It’s funny too how, whilst much of it is a complete blur of lust and arousal… some parts I can still almost taste in such wonderful vivid detail…

Like the way he tongue teased my bare belly for literally ages… Fuck! – Until then I don’t think I fully understood how wet I can actually get! God! I don’t even know where it all came from…

His hands holding my feet, thumbs on my inner ankles, the slight, yet firm twisting pressure pushing, without even touching them, my legs open as he planted such beautiful soft kisses from half way up my inner thigh to the very top of my leg… Oh god!!! Feeling his hot breath cold on my very wetness…

The way he gently used his teeth on my adductor… right at the side of my desperately wanting girl hole…. And ran his tongue outwards along it… The way he groaned, as he tried to ignore my arching back… my ecstatic writhing at his very touch….Fuck!… Dad knew exactly what he was doing!  The way he started the whole process again with my other leg… increasing the outward pressure with his thumbs…pushing my knees back onto my chest, forcing my legs as wide apart as they would go…Till my pussy ached from the opening alone… yet with such ease… his lips… teasing… his tongue…. Oh fuck his tongue!… Releasing my pent up ORGASM, like the bursting wall of a dam! His tongue found my clit and, even as I came, he literally ate me out… I screamed out with the utter force of the release…pointing even my red painted toenails into his fingers!!!

There are no real words for this! Lifting my head and watching him, my own father!  Tonguing me outstill even as I came! The first time I think I have ever kept my eyes open throughout an entire orgasm! Despite the incredible intensity, I just couldn’t drag my eyes from him, what he was actually doing to me! Pushing my feet backwards, almost over my head as he lifted my bum up, exposing even my asshole to his hot probing tongue…

And he released my feet, and moved his body onto mine… even still continuing to tease me! So many times I almost came at his slightest touch… like just from the way his tongue slowly circled my nipples… his fingertips so lightly grazing my spine in the small of my back… kissing my neck… his whole weight on top of me… so much of his naked skin touching mine and OMG - even just from thinking about the proximity of his cock!

And I’d stopped begging… my entire body had become a quivering mess of writing, wanting arousal… unable to speak any more… just to pant… and whimper…

Then dad, like shivered, all down his spine… and I saw it… and he goes “Mmmmmmm Yessss… now that’s begging”… and I almost came just from the way he said it…

And suddenly he was rubbing the head of his cock into my very cunt!…

Yes! Oh fuck yes…” I panted, “Oh Dad… Fuck me

Pleaase fuck me!”

He shivered again… so did I… god I have never…. Never even close felt like this… at this moment with any other man…

Then he was propped himself up on both his arms… and I looked up at him and pulsed my opening around the head of his cock, acknowledging him there… Dad looked back at me, breathing as hard as I was! “Condom?” he said…

I slowly shook my head, biting my bottom lip…

“Mmmmmm fuck! Please stop doing that!” he said

And I giggled… gyrating my hips onto him. And Dad pushed into me, as I wrapped my legs around him.

(ok hold on… even as I’m writing this I really need to masturbate!!!)

So it can be nice to feel stretched if they are gentle, and Dad was wonderfully so, till I’d become accustomed to the size difference anyway… Then he so totally fucked me!!!

And what more can I even begin to say about that?


I don’t think it lasted long… but we both needed it so much that it really didn’t matter, I came again just as Dad started to inside me; then we lay there panting, sweating. Dad was trembling and I kissed his neck as I ran my fingernails over his back.

My dress was on the floor, mingled with Dad’s discarded clothes. Our unfinished drinks on the coffee table.

 I could hear the clock ticking in the other room.

Eventually, dad lifted his head from where it was buried in my shoulder. “Right young lady” he said “I think it’s Bed time”…


Thank you so much Louise!

If you’re willing to share any more of your story here, I would be so appreciative!